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Pink Ombre Cake Ball Wedding Cake

Ombre Cake Ball Wedding Cake

Monday, December 31st, 2012

This couple were having an all white wedding but they wanted their wedding cake to really stand out. They love the trend of ombre cakes and thought it would really pop against the rest of the decor. Starting from a bright pink and finishing with a cream, each tier of this cake ball wedding cake is a different flavour and a slightly different color. Topped with bride and groom cake pops with a touch of pink, this ombre cake ball wedding cake was the perfect punch of color for this white wedding.

Cake Pop Wedding Cake

Cake Pop Wedding Cake

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

This couple knew they wanted cake pops for their main wedding dessert and wanted them to match their wedding design. Purple, white, black swirls and GRAND were the inspiration for their cake pops. The final design was a cake pop wedding cake using the pop design and color to indicate flavour. The top tier was a decadent chocolate cake for the couple to keep for their 1st anniversary and bride and groom cake pops for the couple to feed each other. Their dessert was a spot-on match for their wedding day!

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